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As soon as English is generally my profession, I decided to keep doing what I like and what I am good to.
English is also quite different from Russian, and it is actually very important to be able to communicate and understand English in Denmark.

Many of my students need English for further education, and I am glad to offer my help and advice in this fantastic language.
The language internet, the language of business, the language of science.

This is a new project, and there is one experimental group for Russian speakers residing in Denmark.

After Danish comes English in Denmark, and many Russian-speakers would like to improve their English.

Based on, that they already speak Russian and at least a little bit of Danish, I tried to combine the applicable aspects of both languages into a unique program of 12 skype lessons aimed at learning English though Danish and Russian.
There is right now one group of devoted students, and we start in Januar 2019.
The program and the results to be updated.


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